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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Combine that with 4* 4* and a Deadeye chemstyle and you have the best value for money impact sub for <4k. Just thought I'd post this because I've tried him and he's great in game, plus you can't really go wrong when you can discard him for 15k. It looks like you're new here. Another major TOTSSF has just been released in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team and this week we have the Serie A. This card is the closest I've come to Martial 2.0 -- he's tall, he's strong, he's incredible on the ball and his shooting is so dam overpowered. For me my super subs have to follow some simple rules: 85 Malen for IF Haller after 75 mins but only if the game is tied, I'm chasing a late equaliser or if I'm only a goal up and the game is tight. But the true super sub is 84 Papu gomez. Adama Traoré (Wolverhampton Wanderers) In seiner brandneuen TOTW-Variante verfügt der Spanier über ein Overall-Rating von 83. Inaki Williams. ie a squad chem of 100 means subs will have chem of 7. Esto te permitirá personalizar tu cuenta para aprovecharla al máximo. I never use super subs because I like all players on full chem but I have been in a loosing streak as of recently so I thought I would play dirty like everyone else and bring on a pacy player in the 70th min... OMG this guy is unstoppable he averages 2 goals in 20 mins game time. He just runs through defences no one can stop him. It’s Preston North End midfielder Tom Barkuizen. Well he's cheaper than those players and I find it fun to try new players. Two goals as a sub in 3 appearances. Wenn euch das Video gefallen hat, dann würde ich mich freuen wenn Ihr mich mit einem Like & Abo unterstützen würdet! Great agility, pace, stamina, long shots and passing for a ST. 90 rated CF with sniper. It doesn't seem to affect him at all, he's always making great forward runs. How does he play? ADV MREC. 4* 4* so he can do the la croqueta and use both feet well. Still, with Catalyst he sets up as many goals as he scores, and he is unstoppable inside the box with 99 finishing, positioning, reactions and composure. My favorite trio of subs are red traore at ram/rm in 4222 and 352 morales at lst and potm vela at cam in 352 and 4231. Mid- Firmino, Kondogbia, Ndidi. 84 Forrest, OTW Promes, FS Leao or FS Tevez are also good. In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team spielt nicht nur die Startelf eine wichtige Rolle, auch die Spieler auf der Ersatzbank können das Spiel entscheiden. Im speaking about Forwards and midfielders Typically i sub in a striker, a winger, and a CAM or b2b mid depending who is lower on stam. The 27-year-old has decreased in overall rating from FIFA 20, but keeps his pace of 94. Combine that with 4* 4* and a Deadeye chemstyle and you have the best value for money impact sub for <4k. Desde entonces, la mala suerte perseguía a las Súper Águilas en todos sus estrenos en un torneo que tampoco han ganado nunca, y al que regresan este año después de perderse la edición de 2017. 8=. Typically I'll use one slot for an attacker with 4 or 5* skills that can create chances with dribbling, pace, and skill. Por favor, accede a tu cuenta de usuario de FIFA.com aquí debajo. Here are a list of players who are excellent alternatives to the Argentinian Legend! La categoría 2 se ubica fuera de la zona de categoría 1. Looks really good though. 3 months ago. BEST SUPER SUBS! 3. level 1. Chikhaoui was perfect for this last yr.. En la Copa Mundial Sub-20 de la FIFA habrá dos categorías de precios disponibles: las categorías 1 y 2. Sein herausstechendes Attribut ist eindeutig die Geschwindigkeit (98), seine Beschleunigung ist mit 99 Punkten bewertet. Create and share your own FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Squad. Grabbed him for 17k today (by far the lowest on PS4). ... Super Subs I. ThunderGun-Geo. The other slot I'll use will be a Box to Box midfielder with High/High workrates. I tried him thinking the same but didn't get along with the card. Off the bench he decided 3 games and closed out another 4 in ot for me in the last WL alone. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Standing at 6ft 1in and boasting blistering pace (94), Williams is an absolute powerhouse up front. Gomez's dribbling is on another level though. Best super subs? Aurélio Buta Great versatility as he can even play on the wing with his high crossing stat due to his base card being a RW. Just picked him up today to try and take a place in my Serie A side. We use cookies on our websites for a number of purposes, including analytics and performance, functionality and advertising. His work rates are a bit strange but I didn't notice before I bought him and I wouldn't of ever known if I didn't check. Stats wise he's like IF Mertens with a little less dribbling and more physicality. Just a mini "PSA" type post about the new MOTM Chiesa. Remember to buy FIFA 18 coins from fifacoin-buy.com. This leaves 2 open slots for Super Subs. If you wanna talk cheap super subs get yourself a scream Bas Dost, Built my first “expensive” team around him, was god awful funny scoring multiple headers with him each game, Different type of player but looks good also :). Traore is a monster running at tired defenses and just pushes through on goal with such ease for a layoff as his finishing is very hit and miss unless they panick and pull out the keeper. You put hunter on for the +2 pace and +2 shooting boosts and you have some truly OP super subs Esto te permitirá personalizar tu cuenta para aprovecharla al máximo. Yeah a few people seem to rate Forrest. This is irrespective of where you play them, or links. 45 comments. With all the packs being opened you can get this guy for his discard price (~15k)* on all platforms if your patient and he's got a great card. 10. 4* 4* is awesome too, he's a great dribbler. What are the best super subs under 30k? It’s not Kyle Walker or Raheem Sterling. Give likes In Facebook ,cheap discount fifa 20 Coins online! I think subs are really important this year, can't count how many times the match winner has been scored by a player subbed on after 60 minutes. Salah or Mane are both major hitters as super subs and both cost a fairly low price between 100-200k. There's really no need for Chiesa on the bench regardless of circumstances, there's better subs for less than what he costs and 99% of people have better subs anyway. NIF Balde Diao Keita. Sure he's okay. I know I prefer him to Pepe at least. I'll run him through the paces as a 2nd half sub at the top of my formation tonight. 10k Likes, 133 Comments - FIFA 20 | TRADING • INVESTING (@thedanishtrader) on Instagram: “Best Super Subs - Ikone Follow @thedanishtrader for more!” © document.write((new Date()).getFullYear());Electronic Arts Inc. I’m looking for inspiration. FIFA 20 is here and if you’re planning to get stuck into a game on Career Mode you’ll be desperate to land some top talent. Very cheap too at 90k, honestly tough for me to call. Your thread alone has just influenced me to pick his card up for 16750, see how it plays, looking forward to it. What If Pereyra is a great sub at CAM and will be even better if he gets a +2. Wir stellen euch unsere fünf Empfehlungen für die offensiven Super-Subs in FUT 20 vor. 3. level 1. I'm ending the list with the best super sub I've used this year, both in terms of effectiveness and value for money. Joseph Martinez is the best super sub in FIFA 21. HOME /News News.FIFA 18: BEST SUPER SUBS. 1. Must be the 99 agility and balance. I do love Papu Gomez :) Still use his futmas card a lot. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! ¿No tienes una cuenta todavía? I run him as ST in my Serie A fitness squad and he's so goddamn quick. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Guy above has said 6.5, and where I have said 7, it may well be 6.5 También tendrás acceso exclusivo a juegos, concursos y premios de la FIFA. FIFA Ultimate Team 20 Squad - super subs FIFA 20 super subs - Squad | FUTBIN English français / French Español / Spanish 中文 / Chinese العربية / Arabic Deutsch / German Dansk / Danish Dutch / Nederlands Italiano / Italian עברית / Hebrew Português / Portuguese Россия / Russian Česká / Czech 日本語 / Japanese Türkçe / Turkish Norge / Norwegian POLSKA / Polish Sverige / Swedish i usually play my best 11 and my impact subs are all free. A few that i can think of- Forwards- Werner, Promes, Williams, Vardy. The FUT stars who bely their price points with monstrous stats – and can be made even better with the right chemistry style. Explore and filter FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Players and Ratings Their dribbling is already 90 and feels insane without boosts. Price: 2.5k coins. Videos you watch may … He can play in every attacking position (wide, st, cf, cam) is nimble and absurdly quick to accelerate even with the ball. By now everyone has POTM Lucas, one of the Pepe variants, Lozano variants, etc. I'm using Scream Mandzukic instead. Will probably still come down to around 15-16k when lightning rounds/daily SBC's come out. Plus he's an orange card which is nice :). Chiesa does have that extra strength and shot which some people want in a ST however. Definitely worth to get if you really want a second Mertens for 15k. FIFA 21 TOTW 20 LIVE: Team of The Week 20 Squad, Predictions, Release Date, Countdown, Leaks, How To Get In-Forms And Everything You Need To Know 1 / 9. *Edit 2: He's up a bit in price now due to Zweback making a video on him (hi Zwe if you saw this post). Maybe he'll suit some people better than the mentioned players. (BELOW 50K) - FIFA 20 ULTIMATE TEAM. I'm sold. But the true super sub is 84 Papu gomez. Orsic is always a great one even in past fifas. FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: 10 Extremely Cheap Messi-Like Players. He can play in every attacking position (wide, st, cf, cam) is nimble and absurdly quick to accelerate even with the ball. Please read more below if you like it! If possible, a physical freak. Who’s everyone’s best sub that’s available on the transfer market? La categoría 1 es la de mayor precio y abarca las zonas preferentes del estadio. After last week’s Bundesliga, it’s Serie A’s turn to show off their best players of this season in FUT and boy oh boy if we are in for a treat!Check out who made the Serie A Team of the Season So Far squad: Jay777123777. Subs have chemistry ranging from 5 to 7, depending on your squad chemistry. Choose from any player available and discover average rankings and prices. Freaking monster inside the box, but not OP headers. La última victoria anterior de Nigeria en su primer compromiso de una Copa Mundial Sub-20 de la FIFA se remontaba a 2011, ante Guatemala. https://www.futbin.com/19/player/19754/Federico%20Chiesa/. Super Subs I. ES Noticias Fotos Vídeos Visual Stories ... Por favor, accede a tu cuenta de usuario de FIFA.com aquí debajo. Who do you guys recommend as super subs? He looks real good! Today, we will review some of my favorite submarines in the FUT 18. I have his red, but haven't used him.

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